Beta Merch is a lifestyle merchandise brand founded by Cameroonian Entrepreneur/Blogger; Clarisse Ndinge. 
The ‘Beta’ in ‘Beta Merch’ means ‘Better=Good=Better than the best.’ 
‘Merch’ in Beta Merch is a shortform for ‘Merchandise.’ So Beta Merch simply means ‘The Best Merchandise.’
Inspired by Cameroon’s premium infotainment blog: @betatinz, Beta Merch’s products celebrate unique aspects of the Cameroonian pop culture.


In a world where multiple diverse cultures exist, it is important to find yourself. So this is a celebration of Cameroonian-ness! A way to express the originality, and savoir-faire of Cameroonians worldwide…
So only Cameroonians should indulge the brand?
Ofcourse not! It is for everyone! Cameroonians are one of those people who shamelessly celebrate and embrace any foreign culture that they like, so no matter where you come from, if you see anything on Beta Merch that you like, shamelessly buy it and celebrate our culture with us! Time no dey!! 😉